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Enroll Online

Language Curriculum
  • $2,149.99 (30 lesson plans provided, scheduled to be taught on every Monday of Cycle 2 as seen on calendar available. Acquiring the language module within the curriculum will have the best outcome of Mino-Bimaadizidaa Program)

Curriculum Technical Support
  • Start-Up Assistance (One-Time Fee)
    • $499.99
      • Assistance from Violet or another facilitator to either go into the work place locally or on video conference (if further distance away) to explain how the curriculum works for the best program outcome. She will also go over all of the portal features and functionalities.
  • Support for 1 year (can pay monthly or in full)
    • $39.99/month (449.99 total)
      • 12 hour daily assistance (8am-8pm)
        • Questions
        • Concerns
      • E-mail contact to program developer
      • Technical support with online portal functionality

Provided Facilitator
  • $TBD (Monday – Thursday for a maximum of 3 hours in cycle 1 and max of 6 hours in cycle 2, beginning of cycle 3 and assistance in directing cycle 4)
    • Facilitator is provided to you for the facilitation of the Mino-Bimaadizidaa program within your organization.
      • You provide the supplies, and
      • Facilitator will conduct lesson plans for the duration located on each cycle.

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Language Curriculum



Start-Up Assistance

One-Time $499.99


1 Year Support Plan

$39.99 / month or
$449.99 for the year

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