Client Rights & Responsibilities

Your Rights:

You have a right to an interview

  • any time you meet with your caseworker you can bring someone with you.
  • this person can be anyone you would like to have there.

You have a right to a decision

  • you will be informed in writing of any decision that we make regarding your eligibility or amount of assistance, including suspending, canceling, or reducing your assistance.
  • this decision will be provided to you in writing along with our reason for making the decision.

You have a right to appeal a decision

  • if you don’t agree with a decision that we make, you have the right to ask for an internal review.

For more information about the appeals process please speak with your caseworker

Your Responsibilities:

These are your responsibilities under the Niigaaniin program.

You, your spouse or same sex partner and dependent adults are responsible for following the rules of the Niigaaniin Program.

Including honest reporting of all circumstances and changes of circumstances that affect eligibility.

Periodic interviews:

  • you will be required to meet with your caseworker at least every 3 months to review participation in employment assistance activities and every 12 months to review your financial information.

You must respond promptly:

  • contact your caseworker promptly if you receive a message that your worker needs to speak with you.
  • if there are any changes in your circumstances.
  • if you are planning to leave the province for any period.
  • if you begin to receive income or your income changes.
  • if you receive a request for information or a form to complete.

If you have any question please contact your case worker of your community’s Niigaaniin office.