ID Required

  1. Contact the Niigaaniin office in your community
  2. A caseworker will contact you to come into the office and fill out an application.
  3. Bring the following information with you to fill out your application:
    • Bank account info
    • Income tax assessment
    • Confirmation ofschool attendance
    • Spousal or childsupport needs
    • Shelter costs, (utility bills and rental agreement)
    • Address &employment info
    • Asset details(vehicle insurance and registration)
    • Health card
    • Birth certificate
    • Status card
    • SIN card
  4. Intake Appointment: You will answer a series of questions to evaluate the level of assistance you are eligible for.(If necessary, your spouse or same sex partner and dependent adults over 18 years of age will be asked to attend this appointment, too.)
  5. You will be notified in writing within 4 days if your application is complete and up to date.