Transitional Support Funding – Shelter Related

It is the policy of Niigaaniin to provide financial assistance to persons in receipt of Niigaaniin or ODSP financial assistance as well as to qualified low-income individuals and families who reside on one of the Niigaaniin First Nation territories and meet specified eligibility criteria – to secure, retain and/or maintain a home in a safe and healthy condition.

This financial assistance is provided from a VERY limited Transitional Support Fund (TSF) Shelter Related.

The TSF Shelter Related objectives are to help individuals and families:

  • To prevent evictions/disconnections (help with rental/energy arrears)
  • To obtain and retain their housing (help with rent deposits, energy deposits, energy top ups )
  • To establish a new residence (help with purchase of essential furniture)
  • To move to better accommodation or accommodation in a better location related to education or employment
  • To address health and safety issues (including home repairs)

Click the link below to view the Advance List to Applicant/Recipient/Participant:


TSF Eligibility

Individuals and families are eligible for Niigaaniin Transitional Support Funding Shelter Related if they meet the following eligibility criteria:

  • Current OW client
  • Current ODSP client
  • Cannot exceed $1,500 in a 12 month period
  • Low Income Applicants the Assistance is provided once unless authorized by the Director of Niigaaniin Services
  • Resides on one of the Niigaaniin Service Delivery First Nation Communities
  • Can demonstrate that they do not have and will not have, in the short to medium term, the resources required to, for example, avoid eviction, establish a residence, improve their living circumstances or resolve health and safety needs