Health Related

It is the policy of Niigaaniin to provide financial assistance to persons in receipt of Niigaaniin or ODSP financial assistance who reside on one of the Niigaaniin First Nation territories.

This financial assistance is provided from a VERY limited Discretionary Funding

The Discretionary Funding objectives are to help individuals and families.

Below are some examples but not limited to:


Health-related $400 per fiscal year:

  • dental care for adults
  • vision care for adults
  • prosthetic appliances

Funerals and Burials

  • $2,250 maximum

Non-health-related $200 per fiscal year:

  • vocational training and retraining
  • travel and transportation that is not for health-related purposes
  • moving expenses
  • any other special service, item or payment authorized by MCSS


Individuals and families are eligible for Niigaaniin Transitional Support Funding Shelter Related if they meet the following eligibility criteria:

  • Current OW client
  • Current ODSP client
  • Resides on one of the Niigaaniin Service Delivery First Nation Communities
  • Can demonstrate that they do not have and will not have, in the short to medium term, the resources required.