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The Niigaaniin Services is an “active” social assistance service with an emphasis on providing support to first nation communities and their citizens.

Our program is the implementation of the Ontario Works legislation with culturally appropriate provisions. Rates, eligibility and program parameters are established by the Ontario Works program.

Our primary services include Financial SupportEmployment Assistance and Addictions Services.

The Niigaaniin services is based on community specific needs, and programs are delivered through a client case management model within the seven North Shore First Nations (Batchewana First Nation, Garden River First Nation,  Thessalon First Nation, Mississauga First Nation, Serpent River First Nation, Sagamok Anishnawbek, and Atikameksheng Anishnawbek) communities and Wahnapitae First Nation.

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About the Niigaaniin program

The Niigaaniin Program is an “active” social assistance program serving first nation’s clients in:

Batchewana First Nation

Garden River First Nation

Thessalon First Nation

Mississauga First Nation

Serpent River First Nation

Sagamok Anishnawbek

Atikameksheng Anishnawbek

Wahnapitae First Nation

The focus of our program is to provide financial and employment assistance to first nations clients in financial need. The Niigaaniin program follows the guidelines, rates and other criteria as set out by the Ministry of Community and Social Services Ontario Works program.

The Niigaaniin strategy works by providing a case management approach to the delivery of the program, as well as by providing developmental support services and financial assistance programs with the costs of participation.

This intensive, supportive strategy will ensure that financial assistance recipients are able to identify, access and take effective advantage of the services that are relevant to their needs.

Program Objectives

The Niigaaniin program strives to:

  • Respect an individual’s dignity.
  • Enhance a participant’s self esteem.
  • Encourage independence.
  • Provide supports to help participants prepare for, find and keep jobs.
  • Provide culturally appropriate programs and services based on the needs of the participants and the realities of the local labour market within the community.

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