Aaniish Naa

Aaniish Naa is an initiative of the Niigaaniin Program.

The Aaniish Naa program provides financial assistance, active measures and addiction services to Niigaaniin participants whose employment potential may be impeded by a substance abuse problem.

The Aaniish Naa program is for you if:

  • you are a Niigaaniin client.
  • you are concerned about the effect addiction is having on your life and the lives of members of your family, and you want assistance to stop.
  • you are concerned about the effect your substance abuse is having on your ability to find or keep adequate employment.
  • you are already involved in an addiction treatment program but need support while determining when to resume employment.

How can the Aaniish Naa program help?

The SNZ Program enables participants to:

  • work towards a goal of abstinence from all mood altering substances.
  • understand the nature of your addiction, and learn tools to help you achieve a lasting recovery. This is especially important for people with addiction in the family.
  • identify blocks to recovery in a supportive environment.
  • understand what needs to be changed, and make an achievable plan of action.
  • learn new and effective ways to change behaviour.

How does the program work?

You will be transferred to an Genaadmowit within Niigaaniin Program who have specialized training in, addictions, and a small enough caseload to be able to provide you with effective case management and support.

Your treatment will be assessed according to your needs. Your SNZ Gi-Naad-Mo-Wit, will meet with you regularly, and when you both agree that the time seems appropriate, you will have the opportunity to access either or both non-residential or residential services for yourself and for family members with addiction.


Getting Started

If you are interested in the SNZ Program you can either:

Call the Niigaaniin office and inform your case worker that you are interested in the SNZ program and your case worker will assign you to the SNZ Program


Click here to set up a one to one session with a Ge-Naad-Mo-Wit to learn more about SNZ.

Please note that the Niigaaniin Shpiming Nikeyaa Zhaawag is only suitable for persons wanting to work on a goal of abstinence who are prepared to attend sessions  regularly and meet the program requirements.

If, at any time, you become unable or unwilling to meet participation  requirements, you will be assigned back to your previous worker where you will continue to receive financial support while you revise your plans.

The Niigaaniin Program is here to help YOU reach your employment goals and become financially independent.